The Attraction of Paragliding


For some people, it is hard to understand why others want to take to the air in a paraglider. However, for those who have tried it the story is very different. Imagine being able to take to the skies in glorious weather and enjoy the views of the countryside as far as the eye can see.

Paragliding has become very popular in part because it is a little more accessible than hang gliding. The equipment is lighter and easier to transport from one place to another. It is also far easier to learn to paraglide than it is to hang-glide. It is estimated that around 10 days of good flying weather is needed to get the right amount of training for those who want to be able to fly unsupervised within their club. Clubs all have instructors who are trained to help beginners to develop their skills.

A strong social scene has developed around paragliding and there are many clubs that enthusiasts can join. Those who do choose to join a club will find that there are people there of all levels, so complete beginners can be rubbing shoulders with professionals.

Clubs regularly hold competitions so members can compete at club level, national level and international level. Meetings are held regularly and members follow the weather patterns in order to carefully plan their next flights.

The sense of freedom that one has when in the air cannot be easily described to those who have not yet tried it. Others will love the adrenaline rush that it brings. Whatever the reasons, for many people it is a sport that they will return to time and time again when they have tried it.