All about Acro Paragliding


What is Acro Paragliding?
Acro is short for aerobatics, it is basically aerobatic paragliding. It is certainly not for the faint hearted and only for those with a vast experience of paragliding. There are now thought to be more than 20 tricks and special manoeuvres that can be performed mid-air.

Each manoeuvre can take hundreds of hours of training to get right. The technique needs to be precise, mistakes or errors can be catastrophic. It is also important to be well trained in how to handle a change of air current mid-flight. Nature cannot be controlled.

Will I need special equipment?
Acro paragliding will need specialist equipment. The wings used are much smaller than standard paragliding wings, they are designed to be more aerodynamic and faster than standard wings too.

How fast will I go?
An acro paragliding pilot can expect to reach g-forces of up to 6 or even 7 depending on the trick being performed.

Is it safe?
Paragliding itself is considered an extreme sport, this means it has a high level of risk. Acro paragliding could be considered an extreme-extreme sport as the risk is much higher. Therefore, training has to be deeply intense.