Essential Paragliding Equipment

Those who want to get started in paragliding need to know what equipment is needed. It is not an inexpensive hobby but it is important to have the right paragliding kit before taking to the air.

First things first – the paraglider. This will be the most expensive piece of equipment needed for the sport and there are many things to take into consideration when buying it. Buying new is a good idea but if funds are limited then buying second-hand could be an option. However, it is important to get a second-hand paraglider inspected before paying for it.

Helmet and clothes
This is an essential piece of equipment for any paraglider. Theoretically, one could take to the skies without it but those who are members of a club will probably not be allowed to fly without one, for health and safety reasons. Footwear is also an important thing to consider. Lace-up boots are recommended as they can protect the feet but are flexible too.

The harness is another essential piece of safety equipment and should be high on the list when shopping for essentials. Consider getting a harness that can do more than one task. There are some backpacks that can double as a harness when in flight then be used to pack away gear afterwards.

Paraglider bag
This is needed for after a flight. Once landed, the glider can be stowed into the bag and taken easily back to the launch site. This just helps to make it much easier to get the equipment from one place to another and most paragliders will have one of these bags.

Beginners might wonder where to buy all of this equipment. After all, parargliding is not a typical sporting activity and it cannot just be picked up in local sports shops. This is where joining a club can be useful. Good paragliding clubs and schools will be able to point the beginner in the right direction when it comes to the equipment that they should have. Some will be able to offer second-hand paragliding equipmentand it is a good idea to take the advice of the instructors. Remember that they will have tried most brands of equipment and while they may have personal favourites, they will be able to explain their reasons for their choices.