Paragliding versus Hang Gliding


Often thought of as the same thing, paragliding and hang gliding are two separate sports, albeit with similar traits. They both allow the flier to float through the sky using air currents. Flights can potentially last for several hours and it is possible to travel long distances.

The differences are mainly with the equipment: –

  • Weight – Hang gliders are heavy and are awkward to transport to and from the launch site. Paragliders can be fit into a backpack so can be carried and transported much easier.
  • Set up – Hang gliders take a long time to set up as they must be unfolded and prepared for the launch. Paragliders are pre-assembled when packed and take just a few minutes to set up and launch therefore is much quicker.
  • Flight – Hang gliders can reach higher speeds and can glide much more smoothly than paragliders, but because paragliders are slower, and a more sedate way to fly they have much more choice over where to land.

It is not uncommon for fliers to enjoy both, the thrill of the flight is what they are chasing, and the views from the air are spectacular.