Benefits of Paragliding

You may have seen birds fly in the air, and thought to yourself, “I wish I could do the same.” Yes, no one can sprout wings and soar across the sky like those birds, but it is entirely possible to get in the air through paragliding. As a competitive and recreational activity, paragliding enables you to get suspended above the earth. Not only is the sport a favourite among those on vacation, but it also comes with tons of health benefits, both mentally and physically.

Stress Relief

Paragliding enables you to focus on one thing; the current moment. This makes it possible for you to forget all your worries and other life distractions. Focusing on the present moment also improves your levels of concentration.

Adrenaline Rush

Being suspended in the air will definitely cause your adrenaline to rush. Your body responds to this rush by creating an energy surge and a sense of excitement. Your adrenaline is a mechanism of survival, which is key to your overall health. The increased energy and enthusiasm that occurs during an adrenaline rush results in increased awareness of the surroundings when flying in the sky.

Boosts Confidence

Paragliding is a great sport for both young and old. However, it is not the cup of tea for everyone, since there are people who find the sport to be intimidating. Others don’t give it a shot at all, because they fear the heights involved. That said, the crux of the matter is, that paragliding can help this group of people to overcome their fears. Once a person experiences how easy, relaxing, and exciting the sport is, their concerns will automatically go away. Getting that initial confidence boost will play a key role in helping a person take their skills to the next level.

To minimise the chances of mishaps or injuries, relying on trusted instructors is critical. You will also need to be in the right attire, with the correct accessories for maximum fun. For instance, don’t go into the sport with slippers. You just don’t want to lose your footwear while in the air. If possible, wear sports shoes to make your paragliding experience better.

Strong Core and Improved Body Balance

Paragliding is a simple way of strengthening one’s core, which leads to improved body balance, posture, and stability. Paragliding engages your core muscles, which enhance your body strength and lessen injury risks during intense body exercises or activities.

Burns Calories

Paragliding requires energy, (think of the adrenaline rush involved), making it necessary for your body to burn calories. In just one hour, a 150-pound person can burn around 230 calories.

Breathtaking Sights

We cannot talk about the benefits of paragliding without mentioning breathtaking sights. Being hundreds, if not thousands, of feet above the earth makes it possible to see nothing but the world’s beauty. The way one views the world will definitely translate into more upbeat and positive thinking.