Paragliding Safety Tips


Considered as a high risk (or extreme) sport, paragliders are prone to injury, mainly caused on landing or take off. Beginners are more at risk than the more experienced fliers but that is not to say that they are immune from injury. To reduce the risk of injury, follow a few of these safety tips.

Always take lessons from a qualified instructor, never try to self-teach. Research local instructors, read reviews, try to get word of mouth recommendations if possible.
Joining a club is a great way to get to know like minded people who can offer help and advice.
The instructor can offer advice on any equipment that needs to be bought but it is wise to not buy anything second hand. It may have damage that is not easily visible.
Always wear safety clothing such as gloves, helmet, flight suit and boots.
Check the weather before flying, even the most experienced paragliders needs to ensure there is no risk of a sudden weather change.
Stick to flying at a level equal to experience, never try to advance without the instructor’s approval.
Common sense is important, if something doesn’t feel safe, question it.