Great Paragliding Spots in North America

Those who want to head to North America will be pleased to know that paragliding is just as popular there as it is in Europe. Consider a few of these in the future:

Red Rock State Park in Arizona
The Sedona Red Rocks are a great place to visit, even for those who do not want to take to the skies. Adventure sports are very popular here and paragliders get to enjoy the park from a completely different viewpoint. Both paragliders and hang gliders flock to this spot to make the most of the excellent flying conditions.

Glenwood Springs
There are great paragliding launch and landing spots at Glenwood Springs which is why many paragliders return time after time. The heights here can put some people off at first but the experienced paraglider will not be fazed at all. Instructors can assist those who have less experience.

Good Springs
The town of Good Springs is the starting point for paragliders visiting this area. It is ideal for thermal flying in the desert and some have managed to cover around 62 miles. In good weather the average flight is 15 minutes. Take-offs are easy with a choice of different starting points. Visit between spring and autumn for the best weather and morning flights are considered to be better once the temperatures rise during the summer.

Sun Valley
Sun Valley is actually a ski resort but there are plenty of other extreme sports taking place here. Paragliding is just one of these and many people will flock to Bald Mountain to make the most of this. It is recommended that this site is better for more experienced paragliders, but there are tandem flights for novices.

Hawaii is considered to be a paradise and paragliders would definitely agree with this. The mountains and volcanoes on the island are considered to be ideal as launch sites and there are plenty of operators offering tandem flights. Consider Mt Haleakala where you will find the Waipoli Flight Park and can mingle with other enthusiasts.

Golden, Canada
Canada is considered to be a great country for paragliding thanks to the relatively unspoilt scenery. For those who are new to the sport, a tandem flight that starts at Mount 7 is a must. There is also the option of heli-paragliding where flyers are taken to otherwise inaccessible launch sites by helicopter to launch and enjoying a leisurely flight before landing at a much more accessible location.